Logic&FormCanadaAges 5- 13

View M/O during the digiPlaySpace event.

Interact with a mini universe and see how each celestial body reacts to your interactions across 28 screens.

World Premiere

28 objects of light hang in the gallery, communicating silently with one another, as dynamic animations and ambient sounds are crafted into a synaesthetic, playful Media/Object. Touch and move comets, solar systems, planets, and moons in a mini universe to see what happens.

This project was supported by CreativeBC.


Logic&Form is an artistic research and creative development studio that creates cutting-edge interactive installations. L&F director Travis Kirton is a media artist who explores the merging of hardware and software systems in the context of cultural and spatial experience, and has exhibited internationally at Santral Istanbul, Ars Electronica, and the Museums Quartier in Vienna. Read more.