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digiPlaySpace 2017: Creative Machines

Get hands on with robots, algorithms, and machines to build your own amazing creations! digiPlaySpace invites you to unlock your inner maker through the latest interactive art installations, game designs, and new technologies.

Play with expressive robots, learn to code, and surround yourself with light and movement to transform your view of the world and create new artistic possibilities.

With 23 installations from eight countries, digiPlaySpace showcases the evolution of play in the 21st century. Collaborate with friends and family to inspire your own creativity through playful, innovative, and educational installations!

Featured Works


Interact with a robot through gestures and movement.

Flight Painting

Create amazing 3D paintings with a flying ball of light.

Virtual Growth

Light grows to trace the environment, illuminating hidden edges and organically interacting with people and objects.

Sago Mini World

Visit Sago Mini World, a land of imagination and adventure!


Interact with a mini universe and see how each celestial body reacts to your interactions across 28 screens.


It's not hockey, it's HOKY! Compete in this wacky take on the sport we know and love, with lots of unexpected surprises.

Last One Standing

Chase your opponents and knock down their dominoes to be the last one standing!


DOBOTONE's unpredictable party games let up to four players play together, while the fifth player changes the rules of the game as they go.


1 to 26 players cooperate on the same keyboard to move cartoon letters through a silly obstacle course.

Nifty Fish

Create your own nifty fish design!

Canada on (Green) Screen

Travel to Canada’s National Parks, National Historic Sites and National Marine Conservation Areas through the magic of green- screen technology! Parcourez les parcs nationaux du Canada, ses sites historiques et ses aires marines nationales de conservation grâce à la magie de l'écran vert!

Rain or Shine

It's a perfect summer day in London; the sun is shining, the birds are singing, there's a spring in everybody's step, and Ella is determined to wear her new sunglasses. What could possibly go wrong?

Animation Space Station

Visit outer space by superimposing yourself into these five wacky science-fiction animations by award-winning artist John Martz.

Buggy Night

A nocturnal group of singing bugs is interrupted by a flashlight beam...and a very hungry frog.


Kids and parents can learn together through play and creation, by exploring a range of games, creative tools, and storytelling activities on the latest mobile and tablet devices.

Makers' Space

Get hands-on with robotics, coding, and creative circuits from celebrated Canadian and international makers, artists, and creative technologists.

Logic Toss

Solve the LED puzzle by launching your catapult!

Robot Crafting Table

Command a robot to assemble materials into your own virtual creations!

Coding Characters with Little Robot Friends

Dive into open source code to make complex behaviours! Little Robot Friends help kids explore interactivity and programming with easy-to-use, playful interfaces.


Play games using physical blocks to learn about coding, geometry, and numbers!

Swift Playgrounds

Learn how to code Swift through interactive puzzles!

New Dexterity Robot Hands

New Dexterity open-source robot hands from OpenBionics help people restore their lost dexterity!

Squishy Circuits

Bring your play-dough creations to life with lights, sounds, and more!


Drawing + robots = Drawbots!

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